What is new about our approach?

Enfranchising our users on important issues and publishing the results of their considered opinions we believe will help drive better outcomes for us all.

Votal believes that it is not possible to discuss key issues without proper context.  Our aim is to bring each side of an argument so our users get the best perspectives from people who believe passionately in their own argument.  So Votal is a neutral platform of highly biased content.  We have no political leaning, no corporate ownership structure which promotes one agenda over another.  We do not carry advertising, real or native, and operate an entirely transparent business model which relies on our users delight at what we do and how we do it.

Our mission is to find out and amplify what people really think about the key issues affecting their lives.  Our hope is that this ‘real world’ view will give context to those in authority and improve the process by which decisions are made.



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