Expert Contributions

We are looking to work with remarkable people and organisations who have significant expertise and knowledge in their chosen fields. Our aim is to share this expertise with our users in order to inform, challenge and inspire them to a new way of thinking. 

Our users want to make up their own minds about issues, hear what both sides have to say without spin and then judge for themselves which side they support. To achieve this, we ask for contributions from people directly involved or impacted by an issue we are raising, so that our users benefit from real world experience and knowledge.

Even though we don’t all agree about everything we passionately believe that understanding the other side’s point of view helps dispel prejudice.  Conversely, unchallenged ‘facts’ or opinions can do the exact opposite and generate false perceptions which lead to more bigotry and less respect.

In a world in which it seems everyone has an agenda, anyone can spin the ‘data’ their way and psychological cyber weapons are commonly used to manipulate public opinion, Votal aims to cut through the fog by giving each side of the argument an open floor and a chance to inform us of why they think what they do, without interference, judgement or manipulation. 

If you want to be a part of this, we would love to hear from you.

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