Editorial Guidance Notes 2017

Votal is an online voting website and app designed to provide an honest reflection of the world in which we live in.  No topic is too big or too small and everyone is invited to have their say.

We are nothing without the people who vote on our platform, so we are committed to providing them with interesting, thought provoking and challenging content which stirs the debate and allows freedom of expression.  Our questions will be fair, unbiased and not influenced by outside personal, political or commercial interests.

The results of all of our votes will be available for free to our users, in an effort to ignite change and/or progress.

Impartiality, Integrity & Independence
We take the responsibility for what we publish very seriously and will do everything in our power to:

  • Encourage a huge breadth and diversity of our sources for posing questions
  • Ensure those sources providing questions and expert opinions are verified
  • Provide a balanced view from all sides
  • Ask those in positions of accountability on all sides to enter the debate
  • Allow counter questions to follow up from a previous poll
  • Exclude questions that contain offensive language or unjustifiable offence
  • Protect the vulnerable and children
  • Respect privacy

If you need to contact our office please email  info@votal.com