Do you think universities should place restrictions on free speech?


A world with truly free speech would be chaos.  In any productive society certain lines must be drawn; be that in relation to peace or politeness.

  • Curbing free speech will help to protect minority voices. 
  • Universities need to recognise the right of all individuals to live free from harassment and victimisation on any grounds.

“No Platform (the restriction of certain guest speakers) and Safe Space policies create an environment where students and staff are free from harassment and fear.  Universities and students’ unions must create communities that can all participate without the risk of violence or abuse.” Malia Bouattia – Former President of the National Union of Students.

Without restrictions on freedom of speech we risk vulnerable young people being exposed to views which may damage their mental health.


“Free speech doesn’t mean giving bigots a free pass.  It includes the right to challenge, oppose and protest bigoted ideas.”  Peter Tatchell – Human Rights Campaigner.

  • Free speech is important for a healthy society. 
  • The Prime Minister Theresa May has warned universities that stifling free speech could have a negative impact on Britain’s economic and social success.

“Universities have become so bureaucratised, so estranged from their core mission, that they blithely undermine free speech for the sake of avoiding bad press or keeping a lid on campus protest.”  Tom Slater – Spiked online.

Without freedom of speech we risk raising an oversensitive generation who believe they have a right to be protected from anything unpalatable.

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